The Internet and global contests & polls

by rohit on September 28, 2008

In an increasingly global world,the Internet is turning into a great medium to drive participation from the world over in polls, contests and the like. Over the last 72 hours,here is what three marquee names have announced :

1. The Economist is running an unique online poll. People the world over – including from the U.S. – can “vote” online for Barack Obama or John McCain. Each of the 195 countries in the World has – in a system inspired by the U.S. presidential system – been set electoral votes in a global electoral college.

Of the total 9875 global electoral votes, India alone has 1588. As of the time of writing this post, the world vote is overwhelmingly pro-Obama, with him registering 12,956 votes as against 2,970 of McCain. In terms of electoral votes, it’s a one-sided race, with Obama having 8,012 votes as against just 12 of McCain.

2. Google is, on it’s 10th anniversary,running a global contest online called Project 10 to the 100th.Ideas are invited on how the world could be made a better place. The best ideas will be funded and championed by Google.
3. NASA is sending a satellite Glory into space in June 2009 which will also carry names of ordinary people. Anyone can enter their names on NASA’s “Send Your Name Into Space ” website and derive the thrill of having one’s name circle in space for very many years.
I would imagine that other brands will also one day launch other such online polls / contests / fun things to do. These activities are, at the very minimum, really effective ways for the respective brands to build /acquire goodwill.

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