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by rohit on December 23, 2007

The online video & social media juggernauts keep moving on in the U.S. As I said in a previous post, these are the new online killer apps :

1. On Video :

Harris Interactive surveyed 2455 U.S. adults and found that over the last one year :

  • 65% had watched a video on You Tube – as compared to 42% in previous year.
  • Further, 42% said they visit You Tube frequently, as against 33% who said so in the previous year.
  • You Tube was also the most favoured video site , with the stated reason being that users found it to contain almost all videos.
  • However, as against 65% who used You Tube, as many as 43% had also watched videos on TV network website, 35% on news sites and 30% on search engines.And online viewers say they are more interested in full-length TV shows & movies and less in the amateur videos or video news that currently dominates video. Good omen here for the first movers .

    Her Royal Highness The Queen is now officially on You Tube. A watershed event of sorts. I still remember the interest the online coverage of Princess Diana’s demise & funeral had aroused; it was a landmark in Net usage at that time (ten years ago), people the world over found it convenient to convey their condolences online.

2. On social media :
Pew Internet has come out with a report on teens & social media. Three salient findings :

  • There is an increase in content creation (64% of all teens between 12-17 as against 57% in 2004).
  • Girls continue to dominate most aspects such as blog creation and posting a photo or video online.
  • 28% of all teens are “super-communicators” and these are more likely to be older girls.

Not much buzz about video and social media in India yet. Yes, social networking much talked about but even this has yet to get the widespread usage. Orkut was only 5 million (and Facebook will be much less) when I last checked the site’s stats.This in a market of 32 million active users a month.

There is indeed an opportunity to create an online video and an online social media market in India. More on this later.

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