What I read

This blog, as any other, is based on the sum of :

my experience

+ what I’ve read

what I’ve seen or heard

reflection (the human mind at work 🙂 )

What I read‘ is the big one among the above. This currently consists of :

Daily Newspapers

The Times of India, Mumbai Mirror, DNA, Economic Times & Mint (Mumbai city editions all)


The Economist, Harvard Business Review

Online subscriptions (paid)

The Economist, Ad Age, Wall Street Journal,McKinsey Quarterly,HBR, Brittanica.com

Online websites (free)

New York Times, Knowledge@Wharton, Strategy+Business (Bain), MIT Sloan Management Review, Technology Review Magazine (also from MIT)


I learn a lot from people I follow on Twitter. You can see who these are at my twitter page.

Blogs I follow

There are many blogs I can claim to follow, let me list some that I check out more often.

All Things Digital


Emergic : Rajesh Jain’s Blog


Google India Blog

How to Change the World (Guy Kawasaki’s blog, better followed on twitter )

John Batelle’s Searchblog

Media Nama : Digital Media in India

New York Times – Internet

Official Google Blog

O’Reilly Radar


Read Write Web

Scobleizer : Exploring the 2010 Web

Seth’s Blog

Silicon Alley Insider

Startup Dunia


WATBlog.com : Web,Advertising & Technology Blog in India

Books I have read or am reading

You can check these out here. This is a part list, am updating this with books read earlier.

(In addition, there’s the reading of restaurant menus, emails, sms, Facebook posts..you get the idea. These help too.)

Where else you can read my stuff

In addition to this blog, you may read some docs that I have published online (chiefly on the Internet market and Internet industry ) here .

In particular, you may wish to check out my 2007 presentation on Social Networking .

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