Calling Product Managers

by rohit on January 4, 2008

Product Managers are the lifeblood of the Internet industry. But here in India they are in short supply. Yahoo India , AOL India, Indiatimes, you name it, are all looking for some.

There are almost no schools (companies) where one gets trained in product management. There is no real big consumer technology industry (local manufacturing by the likes of Apple or Sony) either.

In contrast, “out there”, they have outfits like these. This organization ought to be good, their white papers are a resource recommended by Vinod Khosla, no less.

Here’s a great, great JD for a consumer Internet product manager. This one is by Ibibo, the South African/Gurgaon/”Chinese QQ” company.

Well, prize bulls per this one JD simply don’t exist. But :

  • If you are indeed considering a career in the Internet industry or if you are an HR guy or recruiter here, the above JD is one which can give you a good idea of the product manager’s role and what it takes.
  • If you already are a PM in the industry, these are the sort of skills you want to have.

Likewise, here are some good job descriptions for two other key positions in a consumer Internet company, the CTO & the HR Head.

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