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This is a blog I started in 2005 and took up somewhat actively only in 2007. It’s been hosted at Blogger (Blogspot). In end August , ’09 I moved from Blogger to this blog here at WordPress.

The blog is itself a play on four loosely related topics.

1. Consumer markets :

In emerging market India,very many product categories are in evolution and interestingly so.

Whether these be automobile, fast food, financial services, education, or even dental services or the consumer Internet,  Marketer’s Kaleidoscope will track the contours and pace of transition of each.

2. Consumer Internet :

Consider : Major technological changes such as the printing press, the steam engine, the railroads, electricity  and the like, all took several decades to play out.

Thus, if history is any guide, the Internet industry too – which happens to be just 10-15 years old – will continue to evolve significantly in the coming years.

Consider : ‘99% of Internet applications have yet to be invented’, or so said Internet pioneer Vint Cerf a few years ago.

So the Internet industry is far from mature, in the coming years we will still see very many new Internet apps.

This blog then tracks interesting Internet apps. The emphasis is on apps that add significant real-life value to the customer (user).

We also dream up new apps that could possibly work, especially in the Indian market.

3. The Marketing profession :

Marketing and innovation are the two functions of a business, or so said guru Peter Drucker.

Despite it’s promise however, the marketing practice (used here in a sense similar to medical practice) has not quite lived up to it’s potential.

This blog dons the marketer’s hat and provides some perspective herein.

4. Our organizations

The existence of organizations which employ large numbers of employees is a fairly recent (about one hundred years old). phenomenon in human history, earlier people worked in smaller artisan shops et al. And our organizations are still unperfect entities. These posts seek to answer the question ‘why’ and also track emerging trends.   

Here’s where you can know more about me.

P.S. :

Here’s something about kaleidoscopes (straight out of Wikipedia) :

First attested 1817 in English, the word “kaleidoscope” derives from the Greek καλός (kalos), “beautiful”[1] +είδος (eidos), “shape”[2]σκοπέω (scopeο), “to look at, to examine”[3][4] : “looking at beautiful forms”.

To me, a marketer, markets are indeed beautiful 🙂 . Look over my shoulder as I peer into them..

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